Advantages of Using a Premium SMS Billing Service

A premium SMS service is basically an SMS that you send using a unique code or verification number that is three to seven digits that are afterward billed to your mobile account. It is a widely used application on smartphones for various services and there are examples to show for it. To start it off, a premium SMS billing service is used when you want to vote for your contestant of choice in a competition such as America’s Got Talent, The Four or The Voice by sending the name of your choice contestant with a unique code which counts as one vote. Moving on, it is also used to send donations to a disaster-stricken area be it by crime, explosions, mudslides and other calamities by sending a specific word such as ‘DONATION’ to a specific code It is also used as a download method for things like ringtones, dial tones games and more. The other uses are inclusive of daily subscriptions such as daily inspirational quotes, daily jokes, daily Horoscopes and news updates from a specific channel such as CNN news updates or Al Jazeera news updates and as a short code subscription to data bundles when you need to surf the internet but are not connected to Wi-Fi.

One advantage you will have is the assured speed of transactions without due processes and go-betweens; just sending a simple text and getting the service in return instantly which is not comparable to a bank. This is indicative of a fast and easy payment system that only needs an SMS without having to go to a bank, wait long lines, make consultations and attain extra charges on the transaction you are trying to make. It is also important to add that the purchasing process is automatic so no technical efforts are needed such as third parties who act as go-betweens for a transaction to go through such as agents, bank tellers and any other go-betweens cutting down a lot of time that would have been used on interactions. It makes use of real-time reporting which gathers up-to-the-minute data and releases it to users almost instantly, saving up on time that would have otherwise been used on waiting for a response such as a confirmation message; this facilitates great customer care as your concerns are addressed almost instantly.

An added bonus is the protection of your privacy that comes along with the use of a Premium SMS service. Once you complete a transaction, your user identity and billing are completely protected and secure such that you can maintain a high degree of anonymity throughout your transaction especially when making a donation but want it to be anonymous so as to avoid attention.

It is great for micro-payments because occasionally, the charges could be as little as $1 or $2 and it would be unrealistic to go to a big finance entity such as a bank to make such a small transaction yet you can do it via Premium service SMS billing between yourself and the entity.

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